Licenses & Permits


A person when applying for a License to operate/vend in a protected area must-:

a) Apply In writing addressed to, and in a form approved by, the Authority.

b) Submit along with the Application; a Police Certificate of Character, two (2) testimonials made not more that one month prior to the application, and two passport size photos.

Applications should be addressed to:-

The Licensing & Liaison Officer

National Conservation Authority

#9 Colony House, P.O. Box CP 5489, Castries, St. Lucia


The Authority may:-

a) Grant a license to the applicant, on payment of the prescribe fee
b) Refuse to grant a license if it is satisfied that the number of licensed vendors in a protected or beach area exceeds a limit.

Note specifically that a License granted by the Authority:-

a) Is not transferable.

b) Is valid for the period specified in the license but shall not exceed one year.

c) Is subject to the conditions specified in the license


The Authority may suspend or cancel a license where the holder of the license:-

a) Has been convicted in Saint Lucia or elsewhere of a criminal offence.

b) Is deceased, bankrupt or incapable of carrying on the business in respect of which the licence is issued.

c) Has contravened a provision of the license.

d) Conducts him self or herself on a beach or in a protected area in a manner in which the authority reasonable believes to be immoral or contrary to public decency.


a) Where a license has expired a person may apply for renewal of that license by:-

b) Completing the renewal form, the form must be accompanied by a Police certificate of Character and two passport size photos.

c) Application form should be submitted at least one month prior to expiration date of license.

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