Rudy John Beach

Background: This beach is situated at the western end of the Laborie Village. There is residential infrastructure immediately overlooking the beach, and there is a restaurant and bar and a guest house, on the roadside and towards the eastern end. A public toilet can be found about five minutes walk from the beach at its eastern end. The beach and park is accessible from the main Laborie Highway or from the Desmond Collymore Drive, there is ample parking space at both of these access points. Rudy John Beach Park has a very safe bathing area which is protected by a long coral reef. A day at Rudy John Beach Park can be extremely relaxing.

Responsible Authority: National Conservation Authority

District: Laborie

Accessibility: Road

Geographic Features: Natural coral reefs, hill, and cliffs

Beach facilities: Parking area, Beach bench, Litter bins

Safety parameters: Demarcated area/ bathing zone.

Usage: Sailing, swimming, fishing and other recreational activities.

Shore type: 90% sandy 15% rocky.

Sand colour: Light brown

Bottom condition: 90% sand 10% dead corals

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