Fond D’Or


Fond d’Or Beach is located 5 minutes from Dennery Village en-route from Castries. Travelling from Castries it is about 45 minutes drive. Fond d’Or Beach is an integral part of the Fond d’Or Nature Reserve & Heritage Park, geographically positioned in the Mabouya Valley. This historical park is one of the venues selected for the one of the side shows of the “Saint Lucia Jazz”. The beach can be accessed via a trail commencing at the entrance to the park.

Fond d’Or Beach has an intriguing history and is surrounded by an enchanting landscape comprising healthy mangroves and dynamic river mouths. The outline of Mount La Sorciere, which overlooks the park, depicts a human face. Many visitors are fascinated by these stunning features at Fond d’Or. However the location of Fond d’Or Beach is on the Atlantic coast with its raging waters do not allow for any bathing activities. All are advised that Fond d’Or Beach is a no bathing area as enforced by a NO BATHING sign that is boldly constructed on the beach shore.

Average Width: 394feet/89metres

Length: 2237feet/681metres

Responsible Authority: National Conservation Authority

District: Dennery

Accessibility: Road or track.

Geographic Features: River mouth, natural vegetation and mangrove.

Beach facilities: Entrance park- guest house, benches, litter bins and signs.

Usage: Sightseeing, beach parties and other recreational activities.

Shore type: 90% sand, 10%rock

Bottom conditions: 100% sand

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