This beach is a nesting habitat for turtles and other wild life. The beach shore is made of black sand and is lined with rocky shore and pebbles. A small river passes through a mangrove before flowing into the sea.

Giant Hills and cliffs stand firm on both ends of the beach. Dauphin beach is accessible by road and is about 30 minutes drive from the community of La Borne in Gros Islet. The beach is well known for its lively beach parties on holiday and on weekends.

Average Width: 63feet/19metres

Length: 455feet/ 139metres

Responsible Authority: National Conservation Authority

District: Gros Islet

Accessibility: Road Access, Track and Trails.

Geographic Features: Natural vegetation, hills and cliffs.

Usage:Beach parties and recreation.

Shore type: 25% sand 75% stone

Sand Colour: Black and dark brown

Bottom conditions: 65% sandy shore 35% stony shore

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