Background: Choc beach is located in the Castries .There are several access points, these points are known as Edgewater, Waves, and Rat Islet. The first access point commences from the John Compton Highway all the way up to the Intersection that is opposite to Renwick & Company. However the Beaches got their names from the establishments that were built near the coast line. For instance the Wave Restaurant, Edgewater mini hotel and Rat Islet got its name from the Islet overlooking the beach.

Responsible Authority: National Conservation Authority

District: Choc

Accessibility: Road, Public Transport and Track.

Geographic Features: Historical features, Natural Vegetation, River mouth.

Beach facilities: Hotel, guest house, restaurant, litter bins, parking area and beach benches.

Usage: Motor boating, swimming, sailing water sports and recreation.

Shore type: Sandy shore 75% Dead coral 25%

Bottom Conditions: Sandy 75% stone 20% bottom vegetation 10%

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