Cas en Bas


This beach is located in the District of Gros Islet. It is one of the beaches with the finest white sand on the island. Large amounts of sea weed are deposited on its shores regularly. The beach front at Cas-en-Bas currently has a restaurant, snack bar and local craft and souvenir services and is the site of the Cotton Bay Hotel.

There are plans for increased hotel development in the Cas-En-Bas area. Two rivers flow into the waters of this beach. One to the east of Cotton Bay Hotel which was once the location of a mangrove destroyed during recent infrastructural developments in the area. The Saint Lucia Archeological and Historical Society recently discovered a site with remains of Amerindians, the earliest inhabitants of the island.

Plans are afoot to preserve the area. Cas-En-Bas Beach is frequented by locals on weekends and holidays. Many recreational activities such as horseback riding, swimming, and casual relaxing take place on this beach.

Average Width: 88feet/22metres

Length: 3826feet/1776 metres

Responsible Authority: National Conservation Authority

District: Gros Islet

Accessibility: Road, Public Transport and Track.

Geographic Features: Historical features, Natural, Vegetation, River mouth, hills and cliffs.

Beach facilities: Hotel, guest house, restaurant, litter bins parking area and beach benches.

Usage: Horseback riding, beach parties, motor boating, swimming, sailing water sports and other recreational activities.

Shore type: Sandy 75% seaweed 25%

Bottom condition: Sandy 75% seaweed 25%

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