Anse Galet

Background: Anse Galet Beach is a pocket beach about 15 minutes drive southward from the village of Anse La Raye. This beach is located at the bottom of a ridge, which is the location of Ti Kaye Hotel. In comparison to the other sandy beaches on the island; Anse Galet has a higher concentration of pebbles. The Anse Galet shore is bounded by cliffs at both ends of the beach. This beach is mainly used for beach parties, sightseeing, and swimming.

Average Width: 130 Feet/40 Metres

Length: 330Feeet/100Metres

Responsible Authority: National Conservation Authority

District: Anse la Raye

Accessibility: Road, track or via boat.

Geographic Features: River mouth, hills cliffs and a mangrove area

Beach facilities: Restaurant and bar.

Usage: Swimming, pebble and sea shells collecting, sailing and sightseeing.

Shore type: Stony 80% stone, 20% sand

Bottom conditions: 40% sandy, 30% stone and 10% vegetation

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