• Dauphin

    Background: This beach is a nesting habitat for turtles and other wild life. The beach shore is made of black sand and is lined with rocky shore and pebbles. A small river passes through a mangrove before flowing into the sea. Giant Hills and cliffs ...
  • Fond D’Or

    Background: Fond d’Or Beach is located 5 minutes from Dennery Village en-route from Castries. Travelling from Castries it is about 45 minutes drive. Fond d’Or Beach is an integral part of the Fond d’Or Nature Reserve & Heritage Park, geog...
  • Grand Anse

    Background: This beach is a nesting habitation of the endangered species like turtles and other wild life or endangered species. The bathing conditions are forbidding due to the harsh Atlantic Ocean Sea current that blast the shore of this beach. Ove...
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