Our Functions

The National Conservation Authority (NCA) assumed the mandate of the former Parks and Beaches Commission also established by Act of Parliament in 1983. Its functions as defined in the NCA Act No.16 of 1999 include:

Site Conservation

  • Conserve the natural beauty and topographic features of Saint Lucia
  • Preserve the natural environment
  • Protect natural sites from destruction
  • Advise the Minister on conservation, preservation and sustainable use of the state’s natural resources
  • Undertake regular landscaping and tree trimming in designated areas

Commercial Services

  • Grant micro-business and vendors’ licenses or permits
  • Maintenance of an up-to-date Register of licenses and permits
  • Collect micro-business, vendors’ licenses and permits fees
  • Conduct license inspections and renew, issue duplicate or revoke licenses as required
  • Enforce provisions of the Act and apply penalties

Beach Management

  • Remove derelict objects from public beaches
  • Control, maintain and develop all national beaches
  • Maintain or assist in the upkeep of designated beach facilities
  • Provide lifeguard service on public beaches
  • Advise the minister on the construction of beach and ancillary recreational facilities and control the construction of structures on public beaches
  • Secure sanitary conditions on all beaches on the island
  • Keep public beaches clean, safe, beautiful and user friendly

Designated Protected Areas Management

  • Remove derelict objects from designated protected areas
  • Control, maintain and develop all designated protected areas
  • Beautify public places and designated protected areas
  • Advise the minister on lands to be declared as protected areas
  • Enter into written agreements with land owners or occupiers for right of access to designated protected areas
  • Advise the minister on the control of construction of structures in protected areas
  • Preserve or enhance the natural beauty of protected areas
  • Create recreational areas, national parks or marine parks

Near Shore Management

  • Engage Contractors to clean up and remove derelict objects and debris from the shoreline
  • Deploy crews to clean the ocean bed or remove items likely to cause encroachment of the sea
  • Undertake annual schedule clean-up of the national coastline
  • Protect the coastline from continuous erosion or sea encroachment
  • Collaborate with relevant government ministries and public agencies

Comfort Station Services

  • Manage public access and use of comfort stations
  • Provide comfort stations with all necessary supplies
  • Collect fees for use of comfort station facilities
  • Ensure comfort stations are strategically placed and user friendly
  • Keep comfort stations clean and in proper sanitary conditions

General Club Program Information

The GOALS of the Conservation Club are to:

  1. Encourage environmentally-friendly behavior change within the school and community
  2. Increase educational opportunities for students within the environmental field
  3. Create a positive forum in which students can be creative, innovative and develop leadership skills
  4. Provide opportunities for collaboration between clubs, NGOs, government agencies, etc.

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