Conservation Clubs

General Club Program Information

The GOALS of the Conservation Club are to:

  1. Encourage environmentally-friendly behavior change within the school and community
  2. Increase educational opportunities for students within the environmental field
  3. Create a positive forum in which students can be creative, innovative and develop leadership skills
  4. Provide opportunities for collaboration between clubs, NGOs, government agencies, etc.

These goals will be achieved through the following OBJECTIVES:

  1. Establishing active student-led clubs led by a Student Executive Board and facilitated by at least two Teacher Advisors.
  2. Completing Project-Based Learning units that result in environmental action projects
  3. Producing a regular update on club activities to share with community (online blog, newsletter, bulletin board, etc.).
  4. Participating in community activities sponsored by outside organizations (example clean-ups hosted by National Trust).
  5. Presenting club projects and achievements at an Annual, Year-End Celebration.

Current Partner Schools & Projects

  1. Marchand Combined School
    1. Focused on becoming a litter-free school
    2. Partnership with Greening the Caribbean (provides collection & processing of recyclables) & Rotary Club of Saint Lucia (provides funding)
    3. Hosted only event in St. Lucia for Global Recycling Day
  1. Corinth Secondary School
    1. Piloted a system to separate plastic bottles from the rest of the waste produced in their school
    2. Collected plastic bottles during Term 2 Sports events to take to Castries City Hall as part of the “Trash for Cash” campaign.
  1. Gros Islet Secondary
    1. Started first steps to planting a school garden of native & medicinal plants
    2. Conducted energy audit of their school buildings

Protecting Paradise Campaign


  1. Educate youth about environmental issues facing St. Lucia (with a focus on coasts & ocean);
  2. Encourage the public to take action to care for their environment by reducing litter on beaches;
  3. Increase public knowledge of the NCA’s existence and responsibilities

To help students better understand beach conservation issues, they will participate in two education events. (Campaign Phase I)

Education Events

  1. Movie Screening – Tuesday, February 26th, 2019, 10am-12pm at Caribbean Cinema
    1. Clubs attended a screening of Our Blue Planet at the Caribbean Cinema
    2. The 60-minute documentary highlighted human impacts on the ocean worldwide, and introduced some of the scientists and innovators working to protect our ocean resources.
    3. The documentary was followed by a Questions & Answer Session. Representatives from the following organizations were on hand to answer questions:
      1. Department of Fisheries
      2. Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT)
      3. National Conservation Authority (NCA)
      4. Massy Stores
    4. There were 126 student attendees from the following schools:
      1. Dennery Primary
      2. Leon Hess Comprehensive
      3. Piaye Secondary
      4. Marchand Combined
      5. Corinth Secondary
      6. Gros Islet Secondary
    5. Quote from activity participant: “It was important for the Trust to collaborate with NCA on this campaign as we continue to engender a greater sense of appreciation for our natural resources. We hope after seeing the film and participating in the upcoming activities, the students will become better stewards of our marine resources which forma vital part of our heritage.” Karetta Crooks Charles, SLNT Communications & Advocacy Officer
  1. Beach Education Day – Thursday March 7th, 2019, 10am-12pm at Vigie Beach
    1. Clubs spent 2 hours at an NCA managed beach with the goal of learning more about the issues facing beach ecosystems, highlighting litter.
    2. Students rotated amongst five activity stations. Each station was run by a different environmental organization/agency:
      1. Interviewing an NCA beach cleaner
        1. What changes have you seen over time?
        2. What are the most common trash items you find on the beach?
      2. Water Quality Testing – Caribbean Sea
        1. Is clear water the same as clean water?
        2. How can you build a water filter from natural materials?
      3. Measuring beach profiles – Dept. of Fisheries
        1. How do you measure a beach? What tools are used?
        2. How do beaches change over time?
      4. Making Observations & Journaling – NCA
        1. Students practiced their observation and scientific drawing skills
      5. Value of Marine Resources – Saint Lucia National Trust
        1. Trust staff members discuss the benefits of marine resources (social, economic, environmental, cultural, etc.)
        2. Students survey Vigie beach for examples of how humans use marine resources
    3. There were 53 student participants from the following schools:
      1. Marchand Combined
      2. Corinth Secondary
      3. Gros Islet Secondary
    4. Quote from activity participant: “The stations had activities that required different skills from the students…[and] it opened their eyes to the different types of jobs that are involved in the field of environmental conservation.” Princess Joseph, Corinth Secondary Conservation Club Teacher Advisor

Students used their experiences during Phase 1 of the campaign to inspire their designs and messages for the Trash Bin Painting Contest (Phase 2)

Bin Painting Contest

  • NCA provided each of the three Conservation Clubs with a bin (donated by Harris Paints) in a wooden enclosure made from shipping pallets and paint.
  • Clubs were instructed to decorate their bins with images and messages about conservation and proper waste disposal
  • The completed bins were displayed at the National Science Fair on March 27th at Derek Walcott Square where Science Fair participants and attendees voted on their favorite design. Over 300 people participated in the voting
  • The results were as follows:
    • 1st Place – Gros Islet Secondary
    • 2nd Place – Marchand Combined
    • 3rd Place – Corinth Secondary
  • Enclosures & bins will be placed on NCA maintained beaches
    • GISS: Gros Islet beach
    • Corinth Secondary: Reduit beach
    • Marchand Combined: Vigie beach


  • The three Conservation Clubs came together at Pigeon Island National Landmark to celebrate the end of the campaign and their hard work
  • St Lucia National Trust provided students with a guided tour of the park
  • Students participated in a scavenger hunt with prizes donated from Splash Island Waterpark, Rainforest Adventures, Hackshaws Boats, Captain Mikes and Cream N Bean

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