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The National Conservation Authority (NCA) was established by Act of Parliament No. 16 of 1999. on April 30, 1999 and is governed by a Board of Management appointed by the Minister of Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment..


“To identify, manage, conserve and generally provide stewardship over natural assets including beaches, coastal, protected and other declared or designated areas, in a sustainable manner and to provide ancillary amenities thereby contributing to the social and economic development of Saint Lucia.”


“To be recognized as the leading local agency chartering the course for sustainable use of our natural assets for recreational, economic and social benefits of users”

Corporate Values

No Corporate Value Rationale
1 Accountability Presenting annual progress and financial reports to the Minister on the use of resources allocated
2 Transparency Making corporate decisions and take action in an open and transparent manner
3 Commitment Demonstrating a sense of obligation to the mandate of the Authority
4 Professionalism Demonstrating a high level of competence in executing the corporate mandate
5 Quality Service Delivering services in an efficient and responsive manner
6 Environmental Sustainability Maintaining the environment in a manner to benefit future generations
7 Team work and Collaboration Collaborating with public and private sector agencies, NGOs and civil society groups
8 Cultural /Social Sensitivity Demonstrating appreciation for the social and cultural impact of NCA policies
9 Employee Focused Creating a safe, secure and conducive working environment
10 Customer Focused Paying close attention to the needs of all NCA customers

Biography of the Chairman


Message from The General Manager

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